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1 Climate Regulation Under the Clean Air Act in the Wake of Utility Air Regulatory Group v. EPA: Introduction
Cecilia Segal
 9 Why I Worry About UARG
Jody Freeman
 23 Text in Context: The Fate of Emergent Climate Regulation After UARG and EME Homer
Ann E. Carlson and Megan M. Herzog
 37 The Opinion Assignment Power, Justice Scalia’s Un-Becoming, and UARG‘s Unanticipated Cloud over the Clean Air Act
Richard J. Lazarus
 51 UARG—Not a Chef d’Oeuvre of Opinion Writing
Craig N. Oren
 63 Anti-Regulatory Skewing and Political Choice in UARG
William W. Buzbee
 79 But What About Texas? Climate Disruption Regulation in Recalcitrant States
Thomas O. McGarity
 93 Toward a More Rational Environmental Policy
Richard L. Revesz
107 Fracking, Federalism, and Private Governance
Amanda C. Leiter
157 Biodiversity on the Brink: The Role of “Assisted Migration” in Managing Endangered Species Threatened with Rising Seas
Jaclyn Lopez
191 Environmental Settlements and Administrative Law
Courtney R. McVean and Justin R. Pidot
Student Note
 241 Castles Made of Sand: Public-Interest Litigation and China’s New Environmental Protection Law
Daniel Carpenter-Gold
Case Comments
275 Scialabba v. Cuellar de Osorio
Brenden Cline
293 EPA v. EME Homer City Generation, L.P.: Agencies Can Consider Costs in the Face of Statutory Silence
Ryland Li

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