297 Climate Change and Global Justice: Crafting Fair Solutions for Nations and Peoples
Seth Johnson
303 Micro-Offsets and Macro-Transformation: An Inconvenient View of Climate Change Justice
Michael P. Vandenbergh, Brooke A. Ackerly, & Fred E. Forster
349 Confronting a Rising Tide: A Proposal for a Convention on Climate Change Refugees
Bonnie Docherty & Tyler Giannini
405 Problems of Equity and Efficiency in the Design of International Greenhouse Gas Cap-and-Trade Schemes
Jason Scott Johnston
431 Climate Change and Human Rights: An Introduction to Legal Issues
Siobh´an McInerney-Lankford
439 Human Rights and Climate Change: Constructing a Case for Political Action
Marc Limon
477 Linking Human Rights and Climate Change at the United Nations
John H. Knox


499 The Design of a Carbon Tax
Gilbert E. Metcalf & David Weisbach
557 Climate Policy: Separating Fact from Fantasy
Robert W. Hahn

Case Comment

593 Winter v. Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc.
Lisa Lightbody

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