1 The Administrative Process and the Rule of Environmental Law
The Honorable David S. Tatel


9 “Stationarity is Dead” — Long Live Transformation: Five Principles for Climate Change Adaptation Law
Robin Kundis Craig
75 Property and Liberty
Eric T. Freyfogle
119 Reconciling Development and Natural Beauty: The Promise and Dilemma of Conservation Easements
Zachary Bray
179 Private Management of Public Spaces: Nonprofit Organizations and Urban Parks
Michael Murray
257 Saying What the Law Isn’t: Legislative Delegations of Waiver Authority in Environmental Laws
Kate R. Bowers
*Winner of the Stephen E. Herrmann Environmental Writing Award, presented by the American College of Environmental Lawyers

Case Comments

311 Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railway Co. v. United States
Rachel K. Evans
321 Summers v. Earth Island Institute
Maria Banda

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