309 The Ownership Society and Takings of Property: Castles, Investments, and Just Obligations
Joseph William Singer
339 The Penn Central Test and Tensions in Liberal Property Theory
Eric R. Claeys
371 Lingle’s Legacy: Untangling Substantive Due Process From Takings Doctrine
Robert G. Dreher
407 You Can’t Pay Them Enough: Subsidies, Environmental Law, and Social Norms
Andrew Green
441 NEPA Compliance in Fisheries Management: The Programmatic Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement on Alaskan Groundfish Fisheries and Implications for NEPA Reform
Beth C. Bryant
481 Reversing the Flow: The Interconnectivity of Environmental Law in Addressing External Threats to Protected Lands and Waters
James M. Auslander

Case Comment

551 S.D. Warren Co. v. Maine Board of Environmental Protection
Madeline Fleisher

Book Note

565 Toxic Torts: Science, Law, and the Possibility of Justice, by Carl F. Cranor
Devin Brennan

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