FERC v. EPSA Symposium

In Federal Energy Regulatory Commission v. Electric Power Supply Ass’n, the Supreme Court upheld FERC’s authority over “demand response”—bids of reductions in electricity consumption into wholesale markets—under the Federal Power Act, and held that FERC’s decision to compensate demand response providers at the same rate as electric power generators was neither arbitrary nor capricious. In this Symposium, eight authors explore the Court’s decision and consider its implications for state clean energy policies, grid-edge innovation, and agency deference. 

FERC v. EPSA and the Path to a Cleaner Electricity Sector: Introduction
Joel B. Eisen

The Essential Role of State Engagement in Demand Response
Anne Hoskins & Paul Roberti

FERC v. EPSA and Adjacent State Regulation of Customer Energy Resources
Jim Rossi & Jon Wellinghoff

Balancing on the Grid Edge: Regulating for Economic Efficiency in the Wake of FERC v. EPSA
Denise A. Grab

Fostering Competition in the 21st Century Electricity Industry
Michael Wara

Energy Deference
Sharon B. Jacobs

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